Welcome to my new category! When I stumble upon interesting cars while surfing, I’m going to share them! As much as I’d love to fill my driveway and yard with these gems, doing so would likely lead to a costly divorce as my wife doesn’t seem to appreciate the finer oddball vehicles in life.

How awesome is this? Dodge, struggling to get into the fast growing mini-pickup market, used their relationship with Mitsubishi to badge engineer a Mitsubishi Pickup, and call it the D-50. 4WD models gained the iconic name “Power Ram.”

You win in two ways with this truck. One: you get an awesome mid-eighties Japanese Pickup, amber bubble side windows on the cap and all, and two: you have a truck with an american name to appease the truck nut contingent you may encounter, weather it be tailgating at a sporting event, or going out and towing your power sport equipment.

Don’t forget to get some sort of rustproofing treatment if you are going to drive it around here in the rust belt! Japanese trucks from the eighties rusted away long before their drivetrains wore out up here.

Anyway Check out this Power Ram D-50!

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Here’s the post from Craigslist: http://buffalo.craigslist.org/cto/5262095254.html

And in case the ad has been deleted:

1984 Dodge D-50 “Power Ram” 4 cylinder 4×4 with factory optional A.C., sunroof, power steering, etc. 5-speed manual transmission, automatic locking front hubs, 4 wheel drive works, 165,700 miles. Runs and drives great! Body is very straight but has some rust damage. Long bed with bedliner and locking shell. New battery. Purchased from the an elderly gentleman in Utah and driven to Buffalo with no problems whatsoever. I bought the truck specifically for the purpose of towing my motorcycle on a trailer from UT to NY. I already have a pickup here otherwise the truck would not be for sale. Clean UT title in my name. Asking $1650. My name is Ed and I can be reached at